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Wipeout Exterminating

Wipeout Exterminating is a new name with an old history in the Pest Control industry.  Wipeout Exterminating consists of Licensed Technicians and Applicators who have been serving Nassau, Suffolk and the five Boroughs for over thirty years.

Wipeout is committed to providing comprehensive exterminating service and technology for the detection, identification,  elimination and prevention of pests in residential and commercial facilities.

Wipeout Exterminating should be your pest control choice for the following reasons:

  • Wipeout Exterminating will always inspect your property thoroughly prior to treating any area.
  • Wipeout Exterminating will interview customers about health issues, children, pets and elderly.
  • Wipeout Exterminating will never decline any challenging problem.
  • Wipeout Exterminating is committed to providing superior customer service.
  • Wipeout Exterminating has a Certified Bed Bug dog for hidden bed bugs that a trained technician can’t find.
  • Wipeout Exterminating has a board-certified entomologist to help customers understand insect life cycles and create an effective treatment plan.
  • Wipeout Exterminating will always answer the phone and look forward to solving your pest related issues.
  • Wipeout Exterminating consists of a team of  licensed technicians and highly trained professionals and who undergo extensive training.

Our mission

To provide our customers with the highest caliber of pest control services. Incorporating our long time experience in the industry with new and innovative procedures to obtain maximum pest management.

Our service coverage

Wipeout Exterminating currently services all five boroughs of New York City and both Nassau and Suffolk counties.



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7 Brightside ave, East Northport, 11731
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